Thursday, July 24, 2008

saw it coming.

so...i didn't fire today, who's surprised? not me. the kiln required some routine maintenance so i spent most of yesterday doing that. i'm not so good at cleaning shelves every firing, i scrape them so that they're just good enough, kiln wash them and load. i paid for it yesterday spending about 4 hours grinding 1/8" of salt and ash mixture off my shelves. i think i'll practice preventative maintenance from now on. i also had to tap some walking bricks back into place, mostly in the stack. my welder died while building the kiln so the only thing with a frame is the swinging door. this means every couple of firings i have to nudge some bricks back to their homes, no big deal.

here's the loaded kiln. i did a lot of rim to rim stacking in this one, so the stack is a little weird but i got more pots in than usual without packing it too tight.

i'm firing saturday, unload monday night, lets hope not too many end up in this pile.

now i'm going to pick up a load of firewood, so long for now.


doug Fitch said...

Good pack of pots, hope it goes well for you, fingers crossed

Ron said...

Hey Brandon. Nice to see your kiln loaded. I like the rim to rim stacking, it's the bomb. Hope all goes well on Sat.
Did you get your W.M. dishes???