Tuesday, September 8, 2009

out of ware boards!

The racks are slowly filling up. I'm hoping to do a firing late September/early October and then another in mid-November. I've thrown a bunch of ware boards in my wood pile because of some bad warpage. I still have more that need to be tossed but they're currently in use. I plan to make some more out of plywood before too long, but for now I'm out of them, though I may have some in the kiln shed...I'll have to go look. In the meantime I have pots all over tables that I apparently neglected to take a photo of.

Baking dishes and some un-handles mugs. The wheel makes a nice table.

Greenware rack.

I have gotten my hands on a bag of Helmer Kaolin...a material that's hard to come across in Texas. I plan to do a bunch of tests with it but I went ahead and mixed a small batch of 70/30 kaolin/neph.sy. with 1% redart. I brushed it onto a couple of leatherhard bowls in a state that I didn't think was too thick. The slip is cracking at leatherhard which worries me a bit...clearly some high shrinkage. That's ok, I'll figure it all out.



Sheridan Ray Pottery said...

Pots look great. I really like your baking dishes. Are you solely using the treadle wheel now?

brandon phillips said...

yeah, every pot here is off the treadle wheel. I haven't done anything more than about 5#s on that wheel yet...i think i could handle up to maybe 10 or 12#s but beyond that i think the flywheel(pine) is too light which someone had warned me about previously. i thought about adding weights to it but i'm worried about upsetting the balance. i'm going to build a new flywheel in oct. or nov. i have a bunch of heavy, thick live oak sitting around, time to put it to good use.

Kyle Carpenter said...

yeah, that helmar cracks where thick. it can be really nice though. keep crankin'!