Thursday, October 29, 2009

Elmer Taylor Workshop

Pottery workshop with UNT Professor of Art Elmer Taylor.
HSU Frost Center, Abilene, TX
Nov. 5th 10am-5pm.
Free for students
$5 for non-students.
Lunch provided but bring your own beverages.

For more info on Elmer go here.



Ron said...

I'd like to see Elmer make pots, he seems like my kind of potter. On his website there is a b&w photo of him working and his wheel is chained to a table with a huge logging chain. That's pretty cool. Must have been at an overnight demo or something. ??

brandon phillips said...

i didn't notice that...i'll have to ask him about that. those are some sweet short shorts he's wearing too. he apprenticed with michael leach in the 60's...maybe a stint with david leach too...i can't remember. his pots are very inexpensive almost warren inexpensive. he's one of the few people that can use bright colors and marry it with the form really well. he's been woodfiring the last couple years so his pots aren't as bright as what's on his website, but they're nice. i may do some short videos at the workshop and post them.