Saturday, October 31, 2009


I came up to the studio today just to put these little handles on the covered jars pictured below. I'm supposed to be chopping wood for the upcoming firing but sitting around on a saturday listening to wait, wait... and cartalk on npr sounded much more enticing. To further the procrastination I decided to post some photos of some recently finished pots.

Detail of handle on jar...I really like fat handles.

Some small condiment bowls, or "guinomi" of you're a pottery elitist ;)

Some large casseroles.

Slip decoration as a base for further decoration later.

Mixing bowl, this was a new idea that was moderately successful.

Well...back to work.


Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

You've done a very good job procastinating! I started out cleaning the studio/garage today and got lots of other stuff done instead. A couple of them were even things I was supposed to do today.

Love the handles!

Robert Young said...

Great handles! Haven't tried any myself.

Tracey Broome said...

Those first jars look SASSY! Like they could just talk back to you:)
I like the mixing bowl, I'm trying to come up with one I like for my mom for Christmas. I took her yellow ware bowl years ago and need to repay her.

cindy shake said...

That's great that Tracey thought the jars looked "sassy!" My first thought was, "Brandon's work always looks so purposeful!" It's wonderful to create work that has a look of confidence -not always easy to do. Great job.

Kent Harris said...

Whew! Pottery Elitist, oh really. You know I get the flu and you take cheap shots at me. Looks like that Mike's hard pink lemonade did its dirty work on your pots. You've got some things to work on, obviously....but in the mean time I would turn off that Hall and Oates mix tape and get back to the Iron Maiden. Peace.

brandon phillips said...

ha! i was pain you back for the circle in a square comment...but you win, i submit to your to your superior smack talk. go make some pots.

imagine said...

Whenever I look at your work I love it.
It is so very fresh but so very 'Old American', the sort of pots I dreamt of having the ability to make so many years ago.
They are a treat to look at and your blog is a treat to read.

Now, how are we going to get your work to the UK?