Monday, October 26, 2009

lots of pots.

I haven't been making too many pots this last week which is okay considering I have nearly 500 pieces waiting to be fired. The next firing is set for early November...soon! I picked up a few loads of wood last weekend and will have a few more this weekend. I'm going to start cutting/chopping/sorting this week as well as getting the kiln ready. It's been sitting idle for six months so it'll be nice to get it going again.

I spent a good amount of time this last week doing glaze testing..about 35 tests. I fired them up with student work in the gas kiln and wouldn't you know there was a little oxidation pocket right on my glaze tests, geez. Fortunately I was looking more at the surface than color so it's not a big deal. I've been modifying my main ash glaze as well as a couple other glazes I have. They've not been coming out so well in my new kiln so I've been tweaking them to see which ones show promise and then I'll test a few of those in the next wood firing. I have a couple really nice new glaze ideas...I have the test pieces at home so no pictures yet.

Here are a bunch of pots I finished up this weekend. Baking dishes, mugs and large bowls.

Some large platter/bowls I made today...just for the heck of it. The biggest is 23".

This is a nice little cup one of my students picked up this last weekend at the Texas Clay Festival. It's by a fella named Patrick Veerkamp, if you've been a long time reader you know he is one of my favorites. This is a nice piece, a celadon over a crackle slip and soda fired. Similar to some work I'm doing right now.

That's all for now. Cheers!

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Tracey Broome said...

Glaze testing?! Pleeezzzzz don't say those words! Look forward to pics of the firing results as usual. I do love some ash glazes!