Thursday, October 15, 2009

modified coil & throw

I'll take a video of this process another time when I can produce a piece start to finish. This will have to suffice for now.

Here is the base piece. The bottom up to the wide point was thrown in one piece and above that is a coil that I attached and threw yesterday.

The "coil," thrown on the wheel, it is thrown upside down and flipped onto the piece. This is about 5# which was too much but that's ok. Notice the flange on the rim, that will sit over the rim on the base to help make a better joint. Leave it attached to the bat.

The coil set on the piece and then cut off with a needle tool.

With the bat removed.

Smooth in the joint and start pulling.

If I wanted to make a vase it would start looking like this, I wanted a covered jar and had too much clay so I cut some of this off.

I learned a little trick from Willem Gebben: Adding these little ridges to where the joints are helps hide any irregularities in the joint and the form, it's also a nice decorative embellishment.

The finished piece(without lid.)

Voila! Cheers!


potterboy said...

Thanks for showing us this. That's a very neat way of doing things - I like the joining stuff together way of doing it - much simpler than the other technique of joining the actual unthrown coil on the rim and then pulling that up, I think. Your way means you're always throwing flared pieces, which is always easier to do - adding a coil, joining it securely and then throwing it inwards is the bit I found most difficult, using the other technique, as the pot and coil always wanted to go outwards.

FetishGhost said...

Nice form. Do you cut a foot?

brandon phillips said...

no trimming on these guys. they're finished as soon a i cut them off. on wide forms i might leave some thickness in the wall towards the bottom to support the shape and then trim that away but no feet.

jbf said...

Great form. Looking forward to a video. Thanks for sharing.

Hollis Engley said...

Brilliant stuff, Brandon. Thanks for posting the sequence. I'd been thinking of some big things over the winter, maybe six or eight to a firing. This will be a big help. Love to see the video, too, when you get around to making it.

ang design said...

very cool , i've not see it done this way , like the extra deco coil too...

Israel S. said...

Great craftsmanship and skill. Beautiful form.
I have just posted Link to your post at an Israeli pottery forum. You can see it at.