Friday, June 20, 2008


rainstorms last night added a new leak and did this:

time to stop procrastinating i suppose, i can't be having anymore melted and cracked pots from the rain.

here are some test slips for the next firing. impressive, i know.

this is what my studio looks like when you walk through the door.

same spot turn to the right.

well, thats all i have for now. i'm heading out of town for a couple days and then next week i may start clearing this stuff out of here so i can rip that roof off. you know i'm not very tall but 7 foot ceilings, come on, what were they thinking?


doug Fitch said...

Great to see your place. Good luck with the leak thing

Michele D. said...

Cool space.

michele d.

Tracey Broome said...

Whatcha doin' ? Haven't heard from you in awhile!

jbf said...

Are you working on the roof? Let's see some pictures!