Thursday, July 17, 2008


we are in minnesota right now and it is interesting because i have not been here since 2001. for those who don't know i was born and raised just outside minneapolis, i left in 1999 for college and my folks moved a year later. i am feeling really homesick, not for texas but because i don't want to leave what i still consider to be my home. my wife loves it here and has decided that this might be a place where she could end up, i think i've known i wanted to be here since i left(though i may have to get her up here for a minnesota winter and see if she changes her mind.) the pottery community is so wonderful here and i miss it so much. i really like the rhythm of life here much better, its a completely different world from the south. i really could go on and on, my mind is churning. so the question is, should one go to a region where their work is better understood and there is a stronger sense of community or stay where they are and continue to fight the steeper uphill battle and continue to try to get people to understand this crazy thing that we all love.

this sounds a bit depressing, eh? its not, this has been the most wonderful trip i've had since maybe, ever. i think its good to ask these questions and feel these things. i have lots to share when we get back so stay tuned. if you fancy a trip and want to see some good old pots, jeff oestreich has possibly the greatest old pottery(japanese, korean, thai, 14-19 century, etc)collection that i have ever seen, and more bill marshall pots than one might ever hope to see.

well, i'm off.


Tracey Broome said...

Sounds like you might already know the answer to your questions. Follow your heart and you will end up happy!
I have some good friends that moved to Minn. from the SC coast and somehow survive the winters fine. Of course with global warming the winters are getting more bearable.

Ron said...

If it weren't for the winters I think we'd consider living there. It really is a wonderful place.
Can't wait to hear more about your trip

Anonymous said...

i'm a lurker who has been reading your blog for several months. i love your pottery. i have land in port wing, wisconsin, an hour east of duluth. small town on lake superior of 450 or so with 3 small galleries all featuring work of local potters in the area. most people who go in are on their way to bayfield and the apostle island another 30 miles on, the whole area is fantastic if you ask me. but so are a lot of places. currently i live in korea teaching english and studying pottery. but my wife and i hope to be there in a year or two. if you get the chance maybe you can pass thru. i really find your blog inspiring. thanks. hope you have a great honey moon.