Sunday, July 27, 2008

no work.

so...i didn't fire yesterday. we had some friends come in from out of town so i felt it'd be rude to not be around. its ok though because it was 101 degrees yesterday, probably wouldn't have had a good time anyways. i did however manage to clean the shop a bit so that i can get rollin on some new pots. i sympathize with you keith, there's always something.

i went to check on my clay in the drying racks this morning and discovered that the edges were rock hard and the middle was still slop, i'm assuming from the wind and 101 temp yesterday? anyone else ever had a problem like this before? when its ready its usually a little stiffer on the edges, but i've never experienced such a drastic moisture difference. perhaps in the summer i should leave the drying racks inside? any suggestions?


Ron said...

Hey Brandon, were your racks uncovered? I usually keep mine covered with tin when it's really hot and sunny out to slow things down. I may uncover in the early morning or late evening/over night.
If you can catch it as it begins to dry use a wooden 'knife' to cut it into blocks so you can remove the blocks that dry out the earliest. you may already be doing that step.
It sucks when it gets too hard too quick, I usually just soak it down in a bucket.

ang design said...

layers and layers of plastic and the coolest place i can find which is usually the concrete floor but then accidents happen.. a cellar would be good! got one of those brandon?

Tracey Broome said...

Welllllll, you could move to Minnesota where the weather is much nicer than this humid 100 degrees we are getting right now in the deep south :)
I was having the same problems but no worries right now since I can't find any time to throw.....